The Top Five 3CCD Camcorders

June 19, 2010, By Alex Ion

There’s no question about the fact that 3CCD camcorders have certainly earned their place in the world of video equipment.

Whether you’re looking to create professional looking videos for business, or you want to record the special moments in your life for the sake of posterity, the new 3CCD camcorder is the way to go.

When you look through the camera lens, you’ll want to capture images that are as vivid and life-like as possible, with stunning clarity and astounding color quality. You simply can’t capture a video image with that type of quality through a standard lens.

What Makes 3CCD Camcorders Better?

The main difference between a standard single chip camcorder and the more advanced 3CCD camcorders is the way they produce color. Single chip camcorders use just one chip to create color and do so by adding or subtracting various amounts of red, green, or blue coloring. A 3CCD camcorder has 3 chips – 1 for red, 1 for green, and 1 for blue.

These chips each work separately to measure the color it is in charge of. Afterwards, the camera’s trichroic prism assembly will direct the right amount of light to each chip. This process creates clean, crisp recordings with vibrant, realistic coloring. Camcorders with 3CCD technology simply produce a better picture, which is one reason most professionals and freelance videographers now prefer them.

The following are five of the most popular 3CCD digital camcorders around.

The Canon XL2 Digital Camcorder

Perhaps one of the most user friendly Canon 3CCD camcorders available, the XL2 is great for both professional and amateur videographers.

Canon XL2 - 3CCD camcorder

The 20x Professional L-Series Flourite zoom lens uses fluorite to create contrast, resolution, and stunning color production. That, coupled with an incredible optical stabilization system, allows users to produce some of the clearest, most stable images technology will allow. Priced just under $3,300, this is one camera any videographer would we proud to own.

The Panasonic Pro AG-DVX100A

Panasonic 3ccd camcorders are amongst the best, and this model is a favorite. The AG-DVX100A design replaces the simpler AG-DVX100 and is used by film and television companies.

Panasonic Pro AG-DVX100A - 3CCD Camcorder

Panasonic camcorders are well-known for being the first in the filming industry to allow for camera-to-camera time-code synchronization. This new model improves on those features by adding a new Cinema mode and even higher image quality.

The camcorder has a lightweight, compact design and features special functions that allow for synchronous time-code value settings. The wide angle zoom lens is comparable to those used on professional photo and video shoots, and the camera focuses quickly in both the manual and automatic settings. Priced around $2,000, this camera is great for pros (or those who wish they were).

JVC 3CCD Camcorders: The Everio GZMC500

There are several different JVC 3CCD camcorders in the Everio line, ranging in price upwards from $800. The Everio GZMC500 was amongst the first to incorporate Microdrive technology.

This particular Everio camera has the capability of recording anywhere from 60 (high quality) to 300 (eco quality) minutes of video or up to 5,000 still images.

The Microdrive card can be removed for quick file transfer or you can hook this gem up to your computer for a more direct transfer. You have the option of recording to a SD Memory Card or to a CompactFlash Card with larger gigabyte capacity, as well. This particular camera also comes with three different video editing programs, for the easy creation and sharing of DVDs.

The Panasonic Pro AG-HMC150 3CCD

Another great Panasonic 3CCD camcorder choice for professionals, the AG-HMC150 camera has a lot to offer.

Panasonic Pro AG-HMC150 - 3CCD Camcorder

This tapeless model features a wide variety of HD formats, an incredibly high bit-rate recording mode (21 Mbps PH), a 13x wide angle 28mm lens, a series of CCD progressive Imagers, a Waveform Monitor, and much more. You can even set a time and date stamp for use in surveillance jobs or for shooting legal depositions.

The Panasonic is considered one of the lightest HD 3CCD camcorders and, with a price tag around $3,300, you’ll find as you compare camcorders that it is incredibly affordable as far as professionally rated camcorders go.

The Sony HDR-FX1 3CCD

Sony 3CCD camcorders were designed with the average consumer in mind and took the recent surge in HDTV popularity into consideration as well – creating videos that look stunning on the newer television screens. The 72mm lens, HD recording resolutions, 12x optical zoom, and lightweight design are just a few of the features that make this Sony model popular.

Sony HDR-FX1 - 3CCD camcorder

With a price tag hovering near $5,000, this camera may not be for the average consumer or for hard-core professionals, but independent filmmakers and even a few film students have given it rave reviews.

You won’t get a better picture than the ones you capture with your new camcorder. Take your personal needs into consideration as you review each of these 3CCD camcorders and invest wisely. This is one purchase you’ll be satisfied with for years to come.

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