YouTube Introduces Built-In Video Editor

June 17, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

YouTube have been working a lot on improving their users’ ability to edit their videos directly on-site. The latest addition in this direction is the new and improved video editor, which allows you to do a lot more with your videos than was previously possible when you’re accessing them through the site’s interface directly.

You can now do things like add music, captions, transistions, and other similar elements to your video directly from the website – and we don’t mean captions like the annotations that you can already place on videos – these are actually built in the video files themselves.

Of course, the editor is still in development, so bugs are to be expected. Take note that the usual copyright rules on music pieces apply when using the editor as well, so if you add an AudioSwap track you may get some ads related to it popping up in the video.

This is definitely a huge improvement of the service, and we’re eager to see what else we’ll be able to do with our videos in the near future.

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