Toshiba 128GB Flash Memory Chips Take Mobile Storage to Never Seen Levels

June 17, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The first ever 128 GB embedded flash memory chips have debuted at Toshiba. The feat is seen as a record as mobile storage has never gone to such a high extent ever before. Toshiba has managed to do this by building it on a 32 nanometer process and the storage has an array of 16 8GB NAND layers. This aspect may be seen as significant as it stays with the same thickness as the earlier devices, though the capacity is doubled.

Toshiba has ensured that the new innovation stays less than 0.06 inches in thickness, by deploying new thinning methods.  Talking of 128 GB, it would mean that the capacity would be more than enough to provide an amount of extra storage capabilities to handheld devices. According to the company, the 128GB will be able to hold within itself close to 16.6 hours of 1080p video. That indeed is big by any standards, isn’t it?

Toshiba plans to introduce the test samples of the 128GB chip starting this September. It may be expected to begin mass production soon after that, may be by fall. In the meantime, the Japanese giant is also rolling out a 64GB chip built on the same process. Expected to be available to customers by August this year, it might take a while to go into mass output as no customers have been named as yet.

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