Samsung reveals new fast 512GB SSD based on toggle-mode NAND memory

June 17, 2010, By Thomas Antony

Samsung has announced a new Solid State Drive product which utilizes a new type of flash memory called toggle-mode NAND flash. The new SSD will be released targeting the premium notebook niche. The SSD is built using a 30nm 32 Gb flash memory chip which went into production last November. The new toggle-mode NAND technology along with the SATA 3 Gbps interface allows the SSD to reach sequential read speeds of 250 MB/s and sequential writes at 220 MB/s. According to Samsung, the new drives are so fast that two “standard length” DVD movies can be stored to this SSD within 60 seconds.

For added protection, there is reinforced 256bit AES encryption to protect data from hackers and/or when lost. This SSD is supposed to provide “three-fold the performance” and better boot times than old hard disk drives. Samsung provides further gains in power efficiency by having developed a low-power controller specifically for toggle-mode DDR NAND. . The chip’s ability to operate at either 3.3V or 1.8V means the new drive offers higher performance with the same power consumption as older 16 gigabit NAND-based SSDs. The controller also analyzes frequency of use and preferences of the user to automatically activate a low-power mode that can extend a notebook’s battery life for an hour or more.

The new SSD will be compatible with Windows 7’s TRIM feature to secure the reliability of the drive in write mode. Volume production is expected to begin next month, with the drives most probably being shipped directly to computer OEMs.

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