NEC Display Solutions V461 HD Display Screen Rolled Out; Priced at $1,199

June 16, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Think big, and that’s seems to be what NEC Display Solutions have been doing all these days. The result comes in the form of a huge 46 inch size and is part of its V Series. The V461 comes across as a 1080p, high-definition display screen and yet is being tipped as a value product for entry level users. Varied inputs of the likes of HDMI, DVI-D and 5 BNC connections make it possible to offer fabulous visual co ntent on the V461.

Made with a goal of finding buyers in the retail and restaurant segments and also indoor stadiums, the NEC V461 also comes with capabilities that offer customers an easy way to go in for basic digital signage implementation. NEC is also looking at roping in buyers who would wish to have the device installed in boardrooms and training facilities.

The NEC V461 has been incorporated with an advanced cooling fan-based technology that does away with overheating. The display screen has been designed in such a way that it is resistant to minor irritants such a scratches and careless handling by onlookers and passers by.  The protective glass that comes along with the screen ensures this.  Once installed, NEC also offers features that would help operators to monitor and control the device over an Ethernet connection. In the case of any error, the operator will be quickly notified via email too.

The NEC V461 has been brought to the marketplace with a tag that reads something around $1,199. A 3-year parts and labor warranty are also offered.

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