iPhone 4 Pre-orders Sold Out, New Shipping Date Announced [Privacy Breaches Continue]

June 16, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apple has changed the shipping date for pre-ordered iPhone 4 handsets to July 2 on its online store suggesting that iPhone 4 pre-orders have been sold out. The devices are also no longer available for pre-ordering through AT&T with the carrier’s allocated handsets for launch day being reported to be sold out as well.

The pre-ordering phase for the iPhone 4 has been extremely hectic with AT&T declaring the first day of pre-orders as the busiest day in the online sales history of the company. However, Apple’s and AT&T’s servers found it difficult to cope with the rush for the iPhone 4 and many people looking to pre-order were greeted by an “unable to connect” page that suggested that they make a reservation at Apple’s nearest retail outlet. Retail store employees were also not able to access the system to pre-order the device for customers who had lined up at the store.

Meanwhile, AT&T also suffered from privacy breach issues during pre-ordering with several AT&T users looking to upgrade to the iPhone 4 reporting that they were directed to other AT&T user accounts while logging in with their own IDs. The AT&T system somehow mistook them for another user at random and redirected them to the other user’s account that displayed private information such as phone numbers, address and previous bill details.

AT&T has responded to the issue by saying that the details such as credit card information and social security number were not shown on the user account pages and that they had not been able to replicate the problem. However, a company insider said that the latest privacy breach could have been due to problems caused by a major fraud update that was done on AT&T’s systems without being tested before the pre-order phase for the iPhone 4 began.

AT&T has suffered from security issues in the recent past with a hacker group exposing a flaw in AT&T’s security earlier this month by obtaining the personal information of many iPad users.

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