iPhone 4 For Orange UK Details Revealed

June 16, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

Orange UK has revealed details, such as prices and tariffs, of the upcoming iPhone 4. It’s good to see that Orange are continuing the trend of providing their “Unlimited” data package – which, even though it has a 750MB fair use limit, is still a very good deal for surfing without any worries about traffic, considering you probably won’t reach that limit at all.

The 16GB iPhone 4 will cost £169 with a 2-year contract that will cost you £30 monthly. If you want to get the phone itself for free, the deal for you is a £75/month plan – which, mind you, will end up costing you a bit more as you might expect.

If you want to go for a shorter, 18-month contract, the prices there start at £35/month which gets you a 16GB iPhone 4 for £229 (and £319 for the 32GB model, respectively), and this also gets you a very neat calling plan which includes 600 free minutes and 500 free text messages – not a bad deal at all.

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