Steam’s “EA Week” Hot Deals Leaked

June 15, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

Valve have a habit of running week-long promotions in their online games store/content distribution service, Steam. This week we’re seeing what they’ve called an “EA Week”, with each day offering a different title released by EA Games at severely reduced rates. The deal kicked off yesterday with Crysis, and continues today with Battlefield titles coming at 50% and 33% off.

The rest of the deals were supposed to be a mystery, with “???” signs placed in the corresponding days. However, it seems that Valve were a bit careless with designing the promotion – yesterday’s image advertising it was titled “monday.jpg”, and some resourceful users simply tried the following days of the week and managed to see the rest of the deals. Which are, as follows: tomorrow there’s a promotion on Command & Conquer; Thursday is “Racing day”, which implies NFS titles being discounted; on Friday, you can get Mirror’s Edge, Spore and Dead Space. The promotion continues even through the weekend, with Saturday giving you a discount on Mass Effect, and finally concludes with Dragon Age on Sunday.

This may feel like a bit of a spoiler, but look at it on the bright side – now you don’t have to wonder if you should skip today’s promotion and save your money for tomorrow!

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