Nintendo 3DS announced ; to come with glasses-free 3D

June 15, 2010, By Thomas Antony

Today at the E3 Expo, Nintendo announced the one-of-a-kind 3DS, which can display 3D imagery without requiring its users to wear special glasses. The new portable console superficially resembles the DSi except for the new, 3.5-inch 3D top screen; it not only adds depth to games but has a 3D effect slider to tone the effect down. Users can adjust the 3D effect depending on their proximity to the screen to achieve optimum 3D viewing. The Nintendo 3DS also packs dual cameras that can capture 3D images for sharing with others.

The graphics processing itself has been made much faster to keep up with the current state of the art of modern mobile gaming. The level of detail is also significantly higher. The 3DS has a motion sensor and a gyroscope for integration of tilt and movement into the gameplay. The Nintento 3DS is also the first portable console to feature a slidepad for its analog controls rather than a stick controller like that in the PSP. The bottom touchscreen remains a resistive touchscreen and the front cam also remains unchanged from the DSi.

Internet connectivity has also been given more importance with the WiFi connection now being capable of running in background even if the user switches to another game or app. Automatic updates of games and apps are possible so that you get all the new content on time. The games that ship with the console will include Kid Icarus Rising and Nintendogs while games from Activision, Capcom, EA, Konami, Square Enix and others are also enroute.

The Nintendo 3DS is likely to turn out to be Nintendo’s most important game system release in several years. They lost a lot of market share to Apple in the recent past due to the popularity of gaming on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

The guys over at Engadget went hands on with the 3DS at the E3. Check it out here.

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