iPad Browser Vulnerability Still a Big Threat

June 15, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The iPad is still vulnerable to security breaches owing to a bug in Apple’s mobile version of the Safari browser, according to hacker group Goatse Security. The group was responsible for obtaining the email addresses of a hundred thousand iPad users by breaching AT&T website security earlier this month and exposing the security flaw in the site.

Goatse Security has mentioned in a response to AT&T on its blog that the Safari browser allows certain sites to access the computer through channels of communication called ports. Certain ports, which were not secured properly by the browser could be used by hackers to access the system and obtain confidential information. Users could be convinced to click on a malicious link that would allow hackers to gain access to the device.

Apple had discovered this flaw on Safari’s desktop version in March itself and has also fixed it but they had not issued a security patch for the flaw for Safari’s mobile version which is present in the iPad.

AT&T has earlier termed the group’s actions as malicious in its response to the issue. It has also said that the group had to undertake huge efforts with a random program to breach AT&T security. Goatse Securty however, mentioned in its reply that the whole process of hacking and obtaining email addresses did not take more than an hour. It also criticized AT&T for not disclosing the issue to the public immediately afterwards.

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