Google Earth’s New Version Plots Your Recent Travels

June 15, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

Google are releasing a brand new version of Google Earth today, numbered 5.2. It’s set to be the biggest update to the program since the 5.0 one, which added the Earth’s oceans as well as Mars, and happened in February 2009. The major improvement in this update is a feature that allows you to track your progress on an excursion you’ve been to with a GPS device.

It works like this: you go on a vacation somewhere, taking your GPS with you, recording data as you go. When you’re back home, you can upload this data to your computer and into Google Earth, which will then plot your entire route based on that data, and present it in an animated visual way. Previously, this was quite tricky to do as you had to plot the data points yourself.

The new feature also offers you the possibility to spice up the animation a bit, by adding your own image or 3D model for the movement figure. For now though, it’s only compatible with standalone GPS devices that are suppotred by Google Earth – with an ultimate goal of implementing it into Google smartphone apps.

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