Geeky, Freaky, Or Hot? 25 High-Tech Undies

June 15, 2010, By Dorina Graham

When underwear is blended with technology, the results can be geeky, freaky, or hot. These 25 high-tech undies cover a wide range from weird to wonderful.

From Fake Boob Job to Space


The market for high-tech underwear is ever-expanding like the thousand of bras which can appear like an instant boob job. Materials for underwear have also gone high-tech, such as those that absorb sweat. Even Japanese astronauts are wearing high-tech undies to test antibacterial materials that could allow the underwear to be worn for several weeks straight without needing washed.

Solar Bikini & Gaming Bra


Underwear as lingerie has long been inventive, if not highly technical, like edible undies. Several years ago, solar powered bikinis were being developed. This morphed to a slightly different version of underwear for gamers. Gaming couples could play video games by touching each other. Two intimate controllers, one located in a bra and another in panties or boxer shorts, could control six sensors that are situated in intimate and strategic places that would not go unnoticed when activated.

Lights, Camera, Action!


Discarded lingerie was booted up a level of technology into “Tramp Lamps.” Men’s briefs were invented with built-in multi-color signaling lights. These LEDs can flash a green downward pointing arrow, a gold circle, and a big red ‘X’. With switch controls located on the waistband, a mixture of colors could also be flashed to indicate “maybe,” “probably not,” or “drunk and confused.”

Glow or Light Up

Fabrics for lingerie, bras and undies can be interwoven with luminescent strands to soak in sun or lamp light for a glowing effect.

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Much like the men’s briefs, bra makers have stepped up their technology to offer an option of LED glowing bra cups.



For environmentally conscious women who not enjoy the cold, there are microwavable bras and matching shorts. The bra and briefs include eco-friendly gel pads are that can be heated up in a microwave or with hot water. For added spice, a pendant of a hot pepper dangles from the front.

Hot & Hotter


Besides the microwavable underwear, seen as a set on the left, technology has moved from hot to hotter waters. Right or wrong, GPS lingerie is here to stay. The designer suggested the GPS lingerie line is for adventuresome couples to play “Catch Me If You Can” or to save a woman who is kidnapped. On the other hand, some people pointed out that it’s a handy tool for stalkers and a high-tech chastity belt.

Electronic Underpants Sends a Text Message When Wearer Is Wet


These electronic undies, which communicate over a wireless network, alert the wearer by text message when wetness has occurred. It is thought these could be used as an alert to nursing-home staff when their wearer becomes incontinent.

For Your Convenience and Health


The solar powered bikini morphed again into an organic cotton-blend suit as seen on the left. The attached photovoltaic cells are strong enough to recharge small electronic devices. It now also comes complete with two cup-hugging drink pouches and attached straws. On the right, is a Japanese “Marriage Hunting Bra.” A woman programs her ideal wedding age into the bra, then the countdown begins on the LED display. The clock can only be stopped by the insertion of a wedding ring.

Underwear Can Monitor Body’s Biochemistry


Bio-sensing briefs have a small strip of bio-sensors in the waistband that press directly against the skin to monitor the body for a variety of bio-markers. If the sensors indicated something was wrong, the wearer could be alerted to the health issue. Like all technology, it could be used for “evil” against the user and tweaked to destroy any privacy such as by monitoring alcohol consumption in drivers or stress levels in soldiers.

Blood Pressure


Another type of high-tech health undies were created to measure blood pressure. Data can be recorded and later downloaded to be evaluated.

Posture Correcting Undershirt


This ergonomic undershirt falls somewhere between technically advanced and shock treatment torture. The undershirt would be laced with sensors and pistons. If the wearer dares to slump his shoulders, the undershirt would shock him into straightening into ideal muscle positioning and posture.



For men who do not have a “bubble butt” but wish to appear as if they do, high-tech underwear comes to the rescue in the form of Flashback Butt-Lifting and Contouring Technology. Designer Andrew Christian stated, “Surprisingly, I was actually inspired to create this technology while at the gym and seeing how hard men work on exercising their buttocks. I just knew that there had to be a way to achieve similar results by simply wearing underwear.”



In the same concept line as the fake boob job and sweat eating bras, there are briefs for men who hate wet sweaty underwear. On the left is an example of underwear in body shaping cuts and high-tech materials like micro-fiber for comfortable, clean support. On a completely different note, pictured on the right, is a line of Ballbra briefs. They are described by the designers, “Male stimulation does not get better than this! The Ballbra is futuristic and very high-tech underwear that can be worn by a man while making love or to intensify masturbation.” The vibrating controls are located in the “Ballbra technically advanced waistband.”

Weird and Wacky High-Tech Underwear

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Technology certainly improves our lives, but it can also be used for weird and wacky reasons. On the left are a pair of knife-proof long johns. A slash on the legs or groin can prove fatal due to blood loss, but the long johns provide “anti-slash protection to the legs in accordance with British Standard EN388, 6.2 blade-cut resistance, level 2.”

On yet another level of odd is the anti-wrinkle cupless bra. It is meant to be worn directly on the skin between the breasts and underneath nightwear while sleeping to smooth out unsightly cleavage wrinkles.

Last but certainly not least in the strange high-tech undie department is the “Brief Safe” meant to “scare away thieves.” The briefs contain a fly-accessed 4″ x 10″ secret compartment with Velcro to hide cash or small valuables.

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