Microsoft Kinect To Hit Stores In November

June 14, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Microsoft has revealed that the Kinect, which was earlier called ‘Project Natal’, will be available for sale in the month of November. The announcement was made on Xbox 360’s MySpace page.

However, the company did not mention whether the new device would be first sold in the US, UK or in another part of the world. The pricing for the device has also not been revealed and it was also not mentioned when the Kinect was unveiled on June 13 under its new name. There have however, been rumors suggesting the price to be set at around $150.

The Microsoft Kinect for Xbox 360 will allow user to play games, perform video chats online and share photos without the use of a separate game controller. The user himself becomes the controller while using the device, which replicates the user’s movements on the screen using motion control.

The demo for the Microsoft Kinect shown at its unveiling event also displayed icons for Facebook, Twitter, Netflix and Zune on its menu interface. Games like Star Wars and Dance Central were also previewed on the Kinect at the event and it was also mentioned that multiple players of a game could compete against each other using the Kinect through Xbox Live.

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