iOS4 (iPhone OS 4) Multitasking Said to Bring In Limited Capabilities

June 14, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apple’s latest version of its mobile operating software, the iOS4, which is scheduled to release on June 21, does not offer full-fledged multitasking capabilities, according to tests conducted by industry experts. The initial tests conducted on the iOS4 revealed that Apple apps such as Safari, Mail and Clock were the only apps that supported multitasking on the operating software.

The capability of running a particular app while other apps are kept open in the background, will only be limited to Apple apps in the iOS4. The company’s CEO Steve Jobs had however, mentioned in the past that multitasking for third party apps would only be possible if the feature was added by developers in their apps.

Many iPhone customers were under the impression that the new OS would allow them to switch between different open applications, created by Apple or other companies. The multitasking support is also reported to be made available for recent devices. First generation iPhone devices may not even receive the iOS4 update. The company has cited hardware incompatibility as the reason for not making the iOS4 update available for such phones.

App developers will now have to concentrate on making their apps multitasking-friendly for users of the iPhone.

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