T-Mobile iPhone Next, NOT Verizon iPhone; Analyst Says

June 10, 2010, By Alex Ion

Analyst Shaw Wu from Kaufman Brothers investment said that T-Mobile USA will be the next US carrier to bring the iPhone to its customers. While that leaves a lot of people disappointed, with many expecting Verizon Wireless, the second largest carrier in the country, to follow AT&T, it’s a step forward knowing that Apple may have lifted the barrier.

T-Mobile iPhone

Wu thinks that T-Mobile is favorite to be the next carrier for the iPhone, because just like AT&T they’re a GSM network. That means that Cupertino won’t need to change their device because the big difference between the two, is that they run on different frequency bands. Speaking of bands, the new iPhone 4 has been designed to support 3G speeds on the 2100 MHz frequency that T-Mobile is using.

On the other hand, Wu thinks that Apple is reluctant in bringing changes to their device to make it work on Verizon Wireless or Sprint Nextel — both CDMA networks.

Another reason why a T-Mobile iPhone is possible in the near future, is that Apple needs to fight with the growing popularity of Google’s Android OS. Which is why they need a new carrier to market their handset.

“Looking at industry data, Android’s wins have been where iPhone isn’t available,” Wu said in his note. “That could change dramatically if the iPhone were available on more carriers.”

Of course, there are skeptics who think different than Wu. One of them is Jack Gold of J. Gold Associates who thinks that “getting an iPhone on Verizon should not be much of a problem” if you think CDMA is the barrier. Those who agree with him also think that next in line is actually Verizon Wireless, because they have a much larger user base.

“T-Mobile is expanding, but not on par with AT&T, Verizon or even Sprint,” Gold said. “So if Apple has problems with iPhone on AT&T,what would it be like on T-Mobile?”

How about you folks, who do you think will get their hands on the iPhone in the US?

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