Amazon Kindle 2.5.2 Update now available for International Owners

June 10, 2010, By Thomas Antony

Amazon Kindle’s 2.5 firmware showed up on a lucky customer’s Kindle DX. Not everyone waiting for the update have received it so far. Now there is a download link available which you can use to manually update your e-reader. The update will work for you if you have the correct model of the Kindle.

New features that come with the update include the ability to share passes of your books on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter and also sort your novels into nice little collections.

Other new features added to the Kindle include password protection, a selection of new, larger fonts for your books. While there is no guarantee about this, those on the forums who downloaded this say everything is working great. But don’t blame us if you end up turning your Kindle into a rather expensive and flat paperweight.

To be able to flash the update, you need to have the correct “international” version of the Kindle. To check this, go into Settings and type in 411 to find your serial number. Or you can look on the back of your Kindle. If you see “Boo2”, it means you can’t get the update. However if you got “Boo3” you can go ahead and get the new firmware.

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