Sub-Tub Whirlpool Bath and Washbasin Unit Brings an OLED Display Close to Your Bath Tub

June 9, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Now, that is what you call luxury! The picture alongside speaks a thousand words, doesn’t it? What you see is the Sub-Tub, the super-luxurious product that has just been announced. The whole unit comes with a whirlpool tub, sink, and OLED display all rolled into one. And, we guess the product is aimed at only the high end customer as the cost could be just affordable to the cream among the rich.

A strange product the Sub Tub is, but it has all in it that makes for interesting reading. The device sports whirlpool jets and a built in sink. It also comes with a lid that would fold down when not in use. When shut, you see it as a platform just below the OLED display on the wall. Called the Sub-Tub Whirlpool Bath and Washbasin Unit, the product features a bathtub under its washbasin along with an OLED screen and has the ability to display whatever image the owner wants to upload. The device of the whole product is innovative and luring.

However, it is not that the device comes without minuses. What we get to know is that the OLED screen comes with no TV tuner. So, no moving images there. Also, it also looks like the tub space is a bit short that you could find yourself hard to stretch out after a day’s hard work.

The Sub Tub might come into production soon and we are just looking to know what the pricing details would be like .

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