Verizon iPhone 4 not happening; speculations set to rest by Apple

June 8, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Even as Apple’s WWDC got off well giving birth to the iPhone 4, somewhere outside Verizon Wireless was in for a shock.  Apple boss Steve Jobs seemed to have gone back on his word that there could be advantages of having the iPhone on more than one carrier in the US. Verizon was definitely looking forward to such an event. All what happened was this: Even as the globe saw the official unveiling of the iPhone 4, customers on Verizon Wireless who thought the device might land on the carrier’s lap found that nothing of that sort was actually happening.

Jobs went on talking about a lot of a whole lot of things in his keynote, and they included iOS4, iPhoen 4, iBookStore, iAd and the like. But Verizon never figured anywhere. This also meant that AT&T’s exclusivity continues. It may be recalled that the world media had, just a couple of days ago, reported that  Apple had plans to bring the iPhone to US phone carriers other than AT&T too. It was then said that the iPhone 4 would work on CDMA network and that CDMA was used by Verizon Wireless. Verizon must have been hoping for the arrival of the Apple device. But, not any more! Speculations have remained speculations, it looks like Verizon need not now look forward to being chosen. Or will Apple bring it on some time later? It is for the Apple bosses to say.

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