How to Block People on Facebook [Privacy Settings Explained]

June 8, 2010, By Alex Ion

Although social networking is all about being connected, sometimes people might want to block a few individuals from viewing their profile. Every major social networking website provides users the option to block other people from contacting them. And you can do it on Facebook, too.

block people on facebook

Suppose you have just broken up with your boyfriend/ girlfriend and do not want to stay in touch. Blocking them from Facebook will ensure that they do not appear on your wall notifications. Facebook has made sure that their users get the maximum protection from spammers and other miscreants on the web so the block function works great.

If you are new to Facebook and do not know how to clock someone check out our complete guide that will help you out.

1. Log in to your Facebook account with the user name and a valid password and you will be directed to your Facebook profile page. On the upper right hand corner you will be able to see the “Account” button; click on it and a drop box will appear; click on “Privacy Settings”.

2. Here you can manipulate the personal information and posts, contact information, friends, search and even block people — which is what you want to do. At the end of the list you will find a button called the “Block list”.Click it and the blocking interface will open up.

3. There is a search box, where you will need to enter the name of the person you want to block. Once you type in the name of the person, the search box will bring up some results of relevant people. Just find the one you actually want to block. If that’s not accurate enough, enter the email address of the person, that way you’re sure you’re blocking the “right” person.

4. Just click the “Block” button and that person will be blocked from reaching your Facebook account forever.

Blocking someone on Facebook is a very simple procedure and it can help keep your profile out of bounds from the obnoxious people. Once you have blocked a particular person from your Facebook profile, they will not be able to send you messages.

The blocked users cannot post anything on your wall as well.

If a blocked person tries to search for your profile, he/she will not be able to find it out. When you block someone over Facebook both of you become mutually nonexistent, to each other.

So have a great time on Facebook and block out the miscreants from your life completely

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