Apple iPhone 4 brings in added superiority in display clarity

June 8, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apple has incorporated added pixel quality in its recently rolled out iPhone 4. And, the world is going gaga about it. If you haven’t yet heard or got a chance to dig deeper into it for more info on this, let us tell you, the new feature makes the display among the best in the market.

It may not be the best, but indeed is among the best for sure. A video review done by guys at Engadget proves beyond doubt this aspect.

If you look at it with some added focus, you will come to know that doing a  Retina Display test brings to the iPhone 4 superior screen clarity and hassle free use of the user interface. In comparison with the earlier iPhone 3GS  and the HTC EVO 4G, the  iPhone 4  spruced up with the pixel quality emerges winner with regard to screen superiority.

The new iPhone 4 itself comes across as an amazing device, with less flab compared to the iPhone 3GS. An absolutely thin handset, the iPhone 4 brings to the Apple enthusiast fast functionalities and comes to the user as an incredibly sexy phone. With the added pixel quality adding to the features, it looks like users have never had laid their hands on such effective screen space on their palm.

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