Apple iOS 4 vs Google Froyo Tussle For Supremacy Now On; Intense Competition in Smartphone Arena

June 8, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

With the iPhone 4 and iOS4 now out, it is now battle royale on the Google-Apple terrain. Just looking at iOS4 and writing off Google would be foolish, as the search major is bringing on the Android 2.2 or Froyo. Attempting a comparison itself looks an interesting proposition. Apple iOS 4 vs Google Froyo looks good, doesn’t it?

So, what all does iOS4 and Froyo bring along? Apple users have been on the lookout for some additional user friendly features, and iOS4 has made them smile. Multitasking is one, and with such a capability users can do so many things at one go, be it making a call in the midst of checking email, listening to music or whatever is being done with the device that runs the OS. Android 2.2 keeps pace with the Apple OS in this platform for sure. The Google new OS will come with something called the Hot-Spot capability, which would enable support to up to 8 devices, with Wi-Fi. Such a connectivity hot spot is a virtual no for iOS4.

Look at Flash capabilities and you will know, Apple thinks Flash only when it comes to App store and HTML 5. On the other hand, Froyo brings along a Beta version of Flash Player 10.1. Though it is not yet time to conclude on who is better than whom, certain aspects call for real good rivalry on the smartphone domain.

Think video chat and you will find iOS4 offers native support and that is only on iPhone 4 hardware. Books are good on iOS4, while Google Froyo allows these functionalities only through add-on apps. Music is made available via iTunes for the iOS4, while Froyo comes with built in capabilities play MP3 files.

The email option comes rich with iOS 4 as it offers a unified inbox that combines multiple mail accounts. For the Froyo, email would mean threading via Gmail. On the apps front, iOS4 comes with capability for 200,000 iPhone apps while Froyo will bring on 50,000 Android apps. It goes on and on. And, as we said, it is a neck and neck race and no one is winner or loser here.

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