PhotoFast Webcam for iPad Spotted; Launch Likely Later This Year

June 7, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Little known PhotoFast is bringing on a new interesting product that could be taken note of. The new device is an accessory for the iPad and it’s a Webcam! The PhotoFast Webcam for iPad sports the looks that charm and may well considered to be a good buy too when it actually goes on sale.

We do not know exactly as to when the device will launch. It is the same with how it will look like. For, the picture alongside is not of the actual product, but it is being speculated that the final roll out would be similar to what has been shown above. The upcoming device could come with capabilities of 2 MP and video is likely to be limited to around 640×480 on the iPad. Don’t get confused by the 200 MP written on the picture, it sure is a typo.

The webcam would connect easy to IMs and is more likely to be launched by the fag end of the current calendar. Snap shots are also possible with the webcam docked on to the iPad.

The prototype camera for the iPad is believed to be ready, but more details are yet to come by. We guess we should wait a bit more to know more on this interesting product. Doesn’t this look promising? Apple iPad users, what do you think?

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