New Kingdom Hearts Game To Be Unveiled At E3

June 7, 2010, By Gerard "Danger" Cabarse

The popular Disney/Square-Enix crossover is getting not one, but three more installments to the series. Only one of them will be unveiled at E3, however.

In an interview with Game Informer, Tetsuya Normura, the director of the Kingdom Hearts series, reveals that there are three new Kingdom Hearts games in the works. While KH3 is still waiting on the bench, Nomura plans to reveal at least one of the new games at E3.

The two latest installments of the Kingdom Hearts series have been fairly successful. Kingdom Hearts 358/2, released for the DS, received average scores while fleshing out a little more about the mysterious Roxas character. His character will be even further solved when Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep comes out in the US. Having scored well in Japanese magazine, Famitsu, the US is waiting until September 7th to finally play it on the PSP.

Hopefully, these new games will clear up the plot and avoid creating any plotholes. The KH timeline/story is already a little convoluted as it is. Where do you guys think these games are going to take the KH universe?

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