Netflix App for iPhone Launches This Summer, Will Be Free Like on the iPad

June 7, 2010, By Alex Ion

You had it on the iPad but wished you had it on the iPhone? Cupertino heard your wishes and have announced that the Netflix app for the iPhone is going to be launched sometime this summer — although we have absolutely no idea if it’s going to be in July or August. Just like the iPad app, Netflix for iPhone is going to be completely free.

“Netflix is taking advantage of Apple’s adaptive bitrate technology. And it allows us to seamlessly switch between networks,” Steve Jobs said during his keynote speech at the WWDC 2010 Event in San Francisco.

However, we see differences since this one looks a bit different than the one on the iPad — the UI looks fairly optimized for the platform. And we’re talking about an app-optimized search of your instant queue.

Updating as soon as we have more info…

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