iPhone 4 Brings Over 100 New Features; Gets Amazing All New Design

June 7, 2010, By Alex Ion

After a few minutes of teasing, Steve Jobs finally took the wraps off the new iPhone. It’s going to be called the iPhone 4 (not iPhone 4G or iPhone HD as many suggested) and this sleek new device is going to bring in over 100 new features. And while you thought you seen it before, Steve says you “ain’t”, because “you gotta see this in person” to get the feeling.

So how about the new iPhone 4 and its new features?

iPhone 4 brings an all-new design

iPhone 4 is 24-percent thinner than the iPhone 3GS and, Steve says, the thinnest smartphone on the planet. It has glass on the front and back, and steel around the sides — glass for optical quality and scratch resistance. It has a front facing camera, micro SIM tray, camera and LED flash on the back.

Then there’s also the bottom, mic, top, headset jack, noise cancellation mic — all part of this brilliant engineering called iPhone 4.

iPhone 4 brings “Retina Display

We’re not sure what that means but if we’re to believe Steve, “In any display there are pixels. We dramtically increased the pixel density, Four times the amount.” Now that’s neat folks, isn’t it?

Update 1: The new display is rated at 326ppi, which Steve claims is beyond the human eye’s limit of distinction, and from what we can see the differences with the 3GS are BIG. We’re like wow.

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