HTC Hero Android 2.1 Update Made Real in Taiwan; to Arrive Soon in UK GSMs and US’ CDMA Networks

June 4, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

For all you out there waiting in anticipation of the Hero Android 2.1 update, here’s news. The HTC Hero Android 2.1 has just been made real, and that too in HTC’s home ground of Taiwan.  From what we get to know, the update includes the upgrade of the Operating System to Android 2.1 Eclair, sprucing up of the Sense user interface, added corporate email support and a handful of other stuff such s bug fixes and the like.

We also get to hear that the launch of the HTC Hero Android 2.1 update could come to other regions of the continent, including the UK very soon. It has been pointed out by many in the business that the GSM version of the update has been launched in Taiwan. This exactly is the same version now in use on the UK models. That could mean that the UK customers of HTC Hero would get Live Wallpapers and a much-improved Android App Market. Further still would be the offering of an added variety of integrated messaging and social networking options. However, when it is going to be in the UK or anywhere else out of Taiwan is nobody’s guess.

The Android 2.1 update could usher in features such as like Speech to Text within virtual keyboard and multiple home screens, Facebook app and Widget to HTC devices. These apart, Google Maps Updates with Multi touch support, support for Bluetooth headset multi-function for initiating voice calls, ongoing battery life optimization and the like would also come in.

All said, with the update now happening in Taiwan, we guess we could expect a near future arrival of the update in the US on CDMA networks and GSM networks in the UK.

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