Guitar Hero 6 Reveal Trailer on Kerrang!

June 4, 2010, By Gerard "Danger" Cabarse

Activision’s released an exclusive trailer to Kerrang! magazine for the next installment to the Guitar Hero series.

The trailer demonstrates one of the new features in GH:6. “Beast Mode” is tied into the single player storyline, narrated by Gene Simmons (singer and bassist of the band KISS). The game has a main setlist of 93 songs and the songs that have been chosen to emphasize guitar playing.

So far, it’s only a showing of the same pre-rendered scenes playing in the background during the actual game. No gameplay has been shown, but it’s Guitar Hero. There’s not much they can do but tweak some of the aesthetics.

Will this Guitar Hero conquer the music genre? The beast is unleashed September 26.

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