New Metal Gear Solid Game Influenced by… Pokemon

June 3, 2010, By Gerard "Danger" Cabarse

In the latest adventure in the critically acclaimed Metal Gear Solid series, some unexpected influences can be seen in the gameplay.

In an interview with PSM3, Hideo Kojima, producer of the MGS series, explains his excitement for this upcoming game. He states that he “never experienced a game production like this before in (his) career.”

He admits that it isn’t up to par with MGS4 in visual quality (mainly because of the platforms they were released on), but that “nearly everything you can do with a portable system is in this game”.

So which games in particular have influenced Big Boss’ next adventure?  “You won’t ‘get’ it until you play it. It’s like no game before. It’s part MGS, part Monster Hunter and part Pokemon – and it’s even got a bit of SimCity to it,” Kojima explains.

Now that might seem weird, even to the most hardcore MGS fans, but after taking a look at the trailer, the elements blend into the MGS universe seamlessly.

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