Nintendo DSi Pricing to be Slashed in Japan, Other Countries to Follow Soon

June 2, 2010, By Atul Roach

A lot is going to change in the world of gadgets this month, right from the arrival of the 4th generation iPhone to the price change of the Nintendo DSi handheld gaming console. Just for the records, Nintendo hasn’t dropped prices for the DSi consoles anywhere in the world, but considering the dipping sales and the aim to make the console reach every house, Nintendo has decided to slash the pricing for the very first time.

The drop in prices will be initiated in Japan on June 19 and the other popular Nintendo DSi destinations such as the US and Europe will soon see the DSi handheld prices being reduced.

The current price of a Nintendo DSi unit in Japan is ¥18,900 (around $205) and after the June 19 slashing, it will cost ¥15,000, which is around $163. So the handheld gaming console will see a price drop of somewhere between $40 to $45.

Nintendo may have begun with this price-dropping step as a phasing out activity by the end of this year taking into consideration the fact that the 3D version of this console is slated to hit markets later this year, beginning with the UK in October.

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