HTC EVO 4G Dismantled For You to See, Parts Displayed

June 2, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The HTC EVO 4G smartphone has been dismantled into various parts and displayed on the iFixit website. The whole procedure has been shown on the site as a picture essay along with each and every component and screw being marked in the images.

The pictures show the interior of the smartphone to be painted red in color, including the battery which is shown to have a liquid damage indicator. The 1500mAh battery was also found to weight 31 grams along with the battery capacity being higher than the iPhone 3GS by 23 percent and 15 percent higher than the Droid Incredible and 7 percent higher than the Nexus One.  The dual LED flash assembly in the phone is also revealed to be two LEDs soldered to an interconnecting board.

The entire procedure seems to be easy, which makes it easier for people to attempt to repair the phone by themselves in case of any damage. The tools that were used for the purpose have also been listed on the site along with a detailed explanation of the method in which the handset was disassembled. Head over to the iFixit site to check it out for yourself.

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