Google Chrome OS Set To Arrive This Fall Globally

June 2, 2010, By Atul Roach

The Computex 2010 has been an exciting event mainly because the event has answers to our release date queries and the latest release date announcement from the event is that of the Google Chrome OS. Google has tasted success with its Android OS for smaller devices and the confidence is there to back the company as it announced the arrival of the Google Chrome OS this fall.

Understandably, a precise release date would have been better, but we can manage with Fall 2010 instead of no specific time-frame at all. Another important update regarding this Operating System was that it will be launched together globally, implying that Google will not seek an American response first and think about the world later.

Talking more specifically about the Chrome OS, it will be based on a web browser and therefore it will be a novelty of sorts. All the major Chrome OS based apps will basically be web apps, yet Google is confident that the OS will be globally accepted and used right from day one of its release.

Google has developed Android which is a huge platform now and it will be interesting to see how Google will promote the Chrome OS amongst the Android loving users. One perception is that Google is developing the Chrome OS only for its products, but Google stands to refute it out rightly.

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