Foxconn Announces 30% Salary Hike, Workers Deaths Still Continue Unabated

June 2, 2010, By Atul Roach

Foxconn has delivered what it promised-salary hikes, indeed, the company has exceeded expectations by employing 30% salary hikes as against the 20% committed at an initial stage. The appraisal is in effect right away but the notorious streak of worker suicides and deaths has still not ceased, despite these efforts. Foxconn had clarified that the salary hikes were not in place because of the workers taking their lives, and deaths after the appraisal justify that this notorious streak had noting to do with salary issues.

Had there been a relation between workers taking their lives and the compensation paid to them, the death row would have ceased, but the same continues unabated. The total number of deaths has now risen to 12 and the latest employee to loose his life was engineer Yan Li.

As per Yan Li’s family, the engineers lost his life because of exhaustion as he returned home after a 34 hour shift and then went back to work for 12 hours, taking a break of just 10 hours in between. His family is also demanding 250,000 yuan in compensation, but Foxconn seems in no mood to oblige them.

Going by this latest death, it now seems that Foxconn will also have to revise it’s work timings to lessen the burden on the workers other than just increasing the salaries.

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