AT&T Data Plans Changed; iPhone & iPad to Get Tethering Support on iPhone OS 4

June 2, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

AT&T has announced a few changes in its data plans for mobile devices. The carrier has also revealed that it will introduce tethering support for the iPhone and iPad mobile devices on the iPhone OS4, when the software update becomes available later this year.

According to a press release issued by the company, AT&T has withdrawn the “unlimited” data plan that was available for a monthly charge of $29.99 and has included two new plans for data. The first is the DataPro Plan that offers a 2GB data limit for a monthly price of $25 and the other is the DataPlus plan that offers a 200MB data limit for a monthly price of $15. The company has said that the new plans will allow customers to choose plans which are best suited for them. Customers can also increase their monthly data limit by paying $15 for every extra 200 MB for the DataPlus plan and $10 for every extra 1 GB for the DataPro plan. They can also shift from one data plan to another at the beginning or end of the month if they feel that a particular plan does not suit their needs. Access to AT&T’s WiFi network is included in both plans.

The tariff for tethering has also been fixed at an additional $20 for the DataPro plan with no additional data included.

AT&T has said that its customers will not be forced to change their data plans though new iPad users won’t be able to select the “unlimited” data plan. However, current users of the unlimited scheme can continue with their plan and can also change to the new plans without an extension of their contracts. They will also be notified through text messages or emails in case they come close to their data limit.

AT&T customers can shift to the new plans and opt for tethering (not for iPhone) from June 7.

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