Virgin Gaming and Sony Establish Partnership

June 1, 2010, By Gerard "Danger" Cabarse

After an eleven year hiatus, Virgin Gaming is making a comeback with a new online service. Virgin Group announced their return to the gaming world with this service which will be unveiled at E3 this June. As a sneak peek, Virgin Gaming has scheduled a tournament of one of Sony’s upcoming titles.

Canadians who have purchased ModNation Racer’s, Sony’s new upcoming racer title, should have received an ad for a tournament where they can win a lot of Sony related swag. Sony TV’s, PSPGo’s, and a trip to Vegas are a few of the prizes offered in this tournament.

So far, it difficult to tell what kind of service that Virgin Gaming is going to offer. Come E3 2010, we’ll be able to find out exactly what Virgin Gaming has in store for the gaming world.

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