New iPhone 4G Stars in Portuguese Video, Looks Sleek

June 1, 2010, By Atul Roach

The official release of the 4th generation Apple iPhone will have to wait until the WWDC (hopefully), but the unofficial videos and images of the device keep pouring in to keep us entertained. The latest video clip hails from Portugal and it contains depictions of various parts of the upcoming smartphone.

It is difficult to answer how exactly the parts managed to reach Portugal and one of the explanation is that these were purchased in China and then delivered to the editors of this video. So this time around, no one found the iPhone lying on a bar floor and explored it furthermore, instead the parts were purchased and therefore Cupertino cannot take any sort of legal action.

We are not asking you to trust the story behind these parts and interestingly these parts also do not have the Apple markings, although they look very genuine. Talking about the video, it shows the middle frame of the iPhone, but the commentary is in Portuguese, so you’ll need an interpreter to understand what exactly is being told.

As can eye-candy though, this video shows the volume dedicated controls, the 3.5mm headset jack, the on/off button, the front-facing camera and the lateral micro-SIM slot. Check video for more details.

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