How to Protect Your Facebook Privacy [Eight Steps Guide]

June 1, 2010, By Alex Ion

Rising concern regarding privacy on Facebook has made users aware that the social networking site is not doing the best they can to protect their sensitive data. But some say it’s the user’s fault, which means that if you are not careful enough, people might be able to peep into every single moment of your private life that you have shared on Facebook.

Facebook Privacy Settings

Actually, Facebook provides a lot of privacy control settings to its users and with proper implementation you can keep the prying eyes away from your account. Here is a list of things you can do to protect your privacy on Facebook.

1. Rather than having a single list for all the people who are connected with you on Facebook, you can group people according to their level of intimacy with you. Facebook allows you to create friend list based on your preferences. You can create friend list for people at your workplace, and one for friends from school. You can add each friend to multiple groups. And the nice thing is that you can also attach specific privacy policies to each group.

2. You can remove yourself from the Facebook search results, just visit the “Search privacy settings” page and change the “search visibility” to “friends only”. After you are finished changing the settings, click on save changes.

3. Keep all tagged photo sets as private so that no one else can see where you have been tagged. This feature comes particularly handy when you do not want people to find out about your drunken endeavors at the bachelors party last year. Or maybe your

4. Next comes your photo album, which needs to be protected equally. So if you have just uploaded a few photos of your newly born baby and do not want to share it with everyone, you can choose the friends you’ll share the pictures with.

5. If you do not want the world to know if your relationship has hit a rocky patch, disable the relationship status. Just head over to the Wall privacy setting and remove relationship status by unchecking the box. Your status also falls under the basic information of the profile page, head over to the profile privacy setting and remove the news feed about relationship status.

6. Never allow Facebook applications to publish stories about your activities. It’s okay if you just got a 100% at a quiz contest or if you killed the big mob on Mafia Wars, but there is absolutely no need to let everyone know about it.

7. If you use Facebook for both work and personal purposes, always keep your contact information confidential. You should make your contact information visible only to close friends, colleagues, and no one else. If you do not want your private wall posts to be seen by your colleagues, adjust the wall past visibility and customize it to your liking.

8. Sometimes exposing your friend list to unknown people is not a good idea. Navigate to the profile privacy page and under “friends” choose a setting according to your liking.

Follow the above-mentioned steps and you will be able to steer clear of the voyeurs roaming on Facebook.

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