Dell Streak O2 UK Voice & Data Plans Confirmed by Retailer Carphone Warehouse

June 1, 2010, By Atul Roach

Call it a tablet or a smartphone, the Dell streak is slated to arrive on June 4 in the UK with O2 as the exclusive carrier and you will probably understand its role better when you end up purchasing this touted thingamajig. Our take is that Dell intends to take on the iPad and the iPhone with this 5-inch screen laden device and a far cry from the iPhone will be its multi-tasking abilities. We will discuss in detail those aspects sometime after the device is released, but the current bone of contention is its pricing.

If the official retailer for O2 UK, Carphone Warehouse, is to be trusted, the Dell Streak will be offered for free on specific voice and data plans, while it will cost a whopping £429 for people who hate commitments.

For the lovers of the monthly billing system, the Streak will come minus the price sticker where the users will have to pay £25 a month contract with mobile broadband. Paying £35 a month will again fetch Streak for free and will render voice and unlimited data.

Though the exact duration of these contacts has not yet been detailed, in the most probable of cases, the O2 subscribers will have to stay loyal to the brand for a minimum of two years.

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