New Kindle to be Thinner, but Without Touchscreen and Color

May 31, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

A color display and touchscreen will not be present on the upcoming improved version of the Kindle e-reader due to be released in August, according to an information leak from Amazon. The new e-reader has also been revealed to be thinner than the previous version of the Kindle and will feature a sharper screen that has an increased response.

Amazon had earlier said that it did not intend to compete with the Apple iPad  and instead, wanted to create e-readers for the serious reader. CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos said in a meeting that the iPad was a multipurpose device whereas the Kindle would remain focused on its actual purpose. Industry analysts believe that the new Kindle is being developed as a competitor to the Sony e-reader, rather than the iPad.

 However, there is the possibility of a touchscreen Kindle with color being released by Amazon in the future. The company has revealed that certain designs in its lab are not ready for production yet. However, the process of including color in an e-ink format reader has been claimed to be a very difficult technical process by the Amazon CEO and so the technology might not become available on the Kindle soon.

Speculation about a touchscreen version of the Kindle had earlier begun since Amazon bought a New York-based start-up company called Toucho that created mutitouch panels.

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