‘Quit Facebook Day’ Fails To Garner Mass Following

May 31, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The “Quit Facebook Day” movement started by some users to encourage others to delete their Facebook accounts on May 31, has not been able to gain a mass following. The reason is being said is that the concept was not known to many! Or, so says a survey.

The failure of the movement could also have been due to the improved privacy features unveiled by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg recently. The survey, which interviewed 699 users of the social networking site, said that only 11 percent of the users were aware of the movement. Within that 11 percent, only 22 percent users has promised to delete their Facebook accounts while the rest did not commit to the movement. The number of users willing to delete their Facebook accounts can be calculated to just 2 percent of Facebook’s US-based users. The official site for the movement shows more than 25,000 users as being prepared to delete their accounts.

The survey also showed that 61 percent users were happy with the new privacy features introduced by Facebook though 81 percent said that they would remain careful about the private information that they share on Facebook. An official at Vision Critical said that most users would be reluctant to delete their accounts with the site as they were very involved in their accounts and had taken a lot of time to create their social network on the site

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