Opera Releases Video Parodying Google’s Chrome Speed Tests

May 29, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

So, some of you may have seen Google’s recent video demonstrating how fast their browser is… to things like a flying potato, among others. No, it’s not a joke – well at least not on Google’s end. The folks at Opera seem to have found this hilarious though, as they’ve now released their own parody version of the video.

The Scandinavian developers used some wacky contraptions to determine if Opera is faster than, for example, boiling a potato. We couldn’t stop laughing throughout the whole video, and we can find it hard to believe that there’s anyone who wouldn’t. It’s hilariously ridiculous.

Opera seem to be doing well lately, on a more serious note – after the Opera Mini got approved for the iPhone (after Opera dramatically set up a web page with a counter for it), the app’s popularity has grown over 70%, with 2.6 million people downloading it from Apple’s store. Anyway, the video in question is below – coupled with the original one from Google.

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