Motorola Motoroi Android Smartphone US Debut Rumors Resurface With Cincinnati Bell

May 28, 2010, By Atul Roach

We last heard of the Motorola Motoroi (also known as the Sholes in some parts of the world) back in January this year and at that time, it was expected to hit T-Mobile US Stores by March. Well, those set of speculations never turned out to be true and now there are talks that the Motoroi will make it to the small-time US carrier Cincinnati Bell stores.

Also, it is expected to be released by an unknown major US carrier, but that release will depend on its success with Cincinnati Bell. From January, the only major difference in the device is that it now ‘supposedly’ features the Eclair version of Android (2.1), an improvement from Android version 2.0.

The other part of the world where this Motorola handset is a pretty famous name is Korea. Indeed, Motorola Motoroi was the first Korean Android 2.0 handset sold through SK Telecom in the country.

By no figment of imagination is this an ordinary Android smartphone especially after the Eclair up-gradation. The Motoroi also features a pretty decent 600MHz processor, a 3.7 inch touchscreen display, and an 8MP camera.

One thing Cincinnati Bell will have to make sure to see this handset succeed is to price it thoughtfully as there are better Android handsets available in the US market for less than $200.

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