Apple TV Speculation Ripe: Insiders Say It will Cost $99 And We Wonder What It Exactly Is!

May 28, 2010, By Atul Roach

Apple has certainly not turned its back on the ideas of developing a home entertainment platform and the Apple TV might be a reality and not the myth you thought. The source that inspires us to think about an Apple TV is an Apple insider and as per him, the ATV will be pretty close to the mobile offerings from Cupertino. The full 1080p HD capable iteration will banish the current OS X-lite variation as an operating system and it will instead opt for the iPhone OS.

Apple has been serious about developing this TV long before the Google TV talks began and the local storage based idea is not what Apple is thinking about. More logically, Apple is thinking on the lines of cloud-based storage and those who still prefer the local storage idea will have get to use a compatible Time Capsule.

With the more complicated part out of the way, we now talk about the more ‘interesting’ part-pricing. Believe it or not and even we wonder how, Apple is going to price the ATV at $99-no way! While we try to get rid of this shocker, Apple is still not sure to incorporate its most strongest feature, the applications.

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