Apple iBookStore opens up to self-publishers in the US

May 28, 2010, By Thomas Antony

Apple’s iBookStore was launched along with the iPad as a source of ebook content for the tablet. It has been filling up with a lot of premium titles but until now didn’t provide any way for amateur authors to get in on the game. Apple has now enabled submission of ebooks to iTunes Connect. This is the same interface used by musicians to add A/V content to the iTunes store.

There are a few requirements before you can upload though. The ebook has to be in the ePub format and has to validate against epubcheck 1.0.5. Thats the easy part. The book also should have a 13-digit ISBN. You will have to approach the US ISBN agency about that.

You will require an iTunes account , along with a credit card on file and a US Tax ID to submit the ebook. Then you can also choose which iBookStore your ebook should be available through. Your ebooks will also be available on the iPhone once the iPhone OS 4.0 is out.

Get started by going to the iTunes page at

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