Amazon black Kindle DX in the works?

May 28, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

An image of a black-colored variant of the Kindle e-reader from Amazon that was taken by an unnamed source has been posted online. The device in the picture has not been officially announced by Amazon yet and neither has the company revealed any plans to create a black Kindle e-reader.

The picture, which is not of very high quality, was taken from a distance while it was being photographed by someone else in a coffee shop in Seattle. The device was reported to be similar in form to a Kindle DX, though it was black in color. The images indicate that the design could be the final one and the device could be headed for a launch soon, as it was reportedly being photographed with a professional digital camera and could be a product photography session for the promotional campaign.

Reports available online also suggest the existence of a black-colored Kindle without a keyboard. However, the device in the image could also be a normal Kindle DX with the external color changed to black, a customization that can be done by third-party companies such as ColorWare.

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