3D TV With No Glasses Required? Possibly By 2015

May 28, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

A research group from Taiwan have delved into some interesting developments, and according to them, LCD televisions with 3D support that work without any special glasses should be out on the market as soon as 2015. The group in question, Industrial Technology Research Institute, are already working on such a device themselves, and have already shown an early version of it.

The one that was displayed in particular was a 24-inch set, though the company is confident that they’ll be able to pull of even a 65-incher by the end of their research, as stated to the media by Stephen Jeng, who currently heads the company’s 3D System & Application Division.

The biggest problem with 3D television right now, according to them, is the inconvenience that glasses impose. It’s uncomfortable to have to watch the TV with them on, and they tend to cost a lot too – some can set you back as much as $200. On the other hand, the major problems related to having 3D TV without glasses are the broadcasting, content availability, and last but not least, eye safety.

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