OLPC Gearing Up On a XO-3 Prototype for This Year

May 27, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

Last time we saw the XO-3 tablet from OLPC, it was still in concept stage – with the company giving 2012 as a possible release timeframe. However, after all the recent movements on the tablet market and the way it’s drastically changed, it’s normal to see the company changing their plans and picking up the pace a bit – and they’ve now announced that they should have an operational prototype by the end of this year.

The prototype will be given special attention at the CES in January 2011, and even though we still know very little about it, we do know that it’s aimed at being used by children in the not-so-popular parts of the developed market. The device aims at combining the functionality of a laptop, iPad and a Kindle in one stylish package, featuring a 9-inch dual mode LCD screen.

Even though the prototype will use a glass screen, the actual device will be 100% plastic, which will be apparently very sturdy and durable (we don’t know why exactly though). However, the bad news is that the all-plastic design is part of what’s preventing them from releasing it even sooner, and that’s what’ll likely delay the device’s development until 2012.

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