Nintendo bad for environment, Microsoft and Sony not much better

May 27, 2010, By Gerard "Danger" Cabarse

In an age where being “green” and “enviroment-friendly” is all the craze, it’s an odd sight to see one of the biggest companies in the game industry ranking so low in Greenpeace’s Guide To Greener Electronics

For fifteen years, Greenpeace, a worldwide NGO, has released charts comparing some of the biggest technology manufacturers and how they rank on an environmental safety basis. Like last year, Nintendo is trailing last. Scoring no points for E-Waste, it does gain points for managing harmful chemicals and having the Nintendo Wii AC adapters be more energy efficient.

In second place, Microsoft scores a 3.3/10. While it does get points for eliminating PVC and BFR (brominated flame retardants) from its products and being powered by some renewable energy (almost 25%), it doesn’t do anything particularly game changing in terms of being “green.”

Sony comes in first, with 4.9/10. Their handling of dangerous chemicals and commitment to reducing their greenhouse gases emission have gained them points, but their plan to reduce their use of additional materials, such as antimony and beryllium, will take time to take place.

While most of these companies are getting better and better and being safer for the environment, it will take time for any of them to be completely “green.”

Full details and explanation can be found on the Greenpeace website.

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