Microsoft Project Natal Pricing Take II: Motion Gaming System to Cost $149, Release Date Set for October 26

May 27, 2010, By Atul Roach

We first talked about the Microsoft Project Natal pricing a couple of weeks back when a Swedish retailer listed it’s price somewhere between $195 and $200. The pricing rumors are ripe again and this time around, the price sticker speculation is less than $150 as per Edge. The motion gaming system peripheral for the Xbox 360 will cost $149 if bought as an individual accessory while it will cost $100 when the gaming freaks buy it along with the Xbox 360 Arcade console which costs $199.

The gamers (including me) have high hopes from the full-body motion controller gaming set-up and even this $149 pricing rumor isn’t easily digestible. It will have to be a very accurate motion gaming system if MSFT has made up it’s mind to price this peripheral that heavily.

What we are also hearing is that ‘Natal’ will not be the name of the product to be sold and MSFT will rethink it’s dubbing before it officially reaches consumer hands. The gaming system is hopefully being debuted at E3, 2010 but another speculation is that the consumers will have to wait until October 26 to try it out at home.

E3 being a couple of weeks away is our only hope to realize how precise these speculators eventually turn out to be!

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