MeeGo v1.0 OS rolled out; Company targets netbooks

May 27, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

MeeGo has released a new operating system called MeeGo v1.0 which has been created for use in netbooks. The new operating system functions as a foundation for developers to create applications that can run on the OS.

The MeeGo OS has a home screen that allows for maximum space on the screen. The taskbar hides itself and makes the programs function in full screen mode. It can be made visible at the user’s convenience by placing the cursor on the top of the screen and clicking. The home screen also presents the user with information such as updates from social networking sites, tasks, calendar and recent files.

Google Chrome is the integrated browser in the MeeGo OS and fans of completely open source browsers can opt for Google Chromium. The operating system is said to offer a lot of speed in executing various tasks including booting.  Language support for various languages such as Chinese, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese and many more are also present in the software.

MeeGo has announced that additional versions of the operating software will be released once in every six months. The company also said that the next version of the OS would provide support for devices with touchscreens such as tablets, smartphones and in-vehicle entertainment systems.

MeeGo has released the SDK, API and OS tools for its software of which the API contains Qt 4.6 while the software platform provides Universal Plug and Play (gUPnP) support for booting directly from flash drives.

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