Comcast to Offer 105Mbps for $200 Monthly Soon?

May 27, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

The news was spotted on a customer bill for a Comcast client, advertising a new “Extreme” tier for the Internet service provided by the company, Xfinity. According to the same ad, the precise specifications of the new service will feature a 105Mbps downloading connection and 10Mbps uploading one, for the price of $200 a month.

There’s also some additional fees, like a $250 one-time installation fee which is obligatory, sadly. The service is launching June 1st, however nobody from the company has apparently been briefed on it yet. This could indicate that June 1st may not be the right release date and the service could actually be a bit far off at this point, but hey – 105Mbps!

Comcast’s recent experiments with high-grade Internet service proved somewhat less satisfying – when you consider that they were offering a 100Mbps package for $370 monthly, paying $200 for 105Mbps sounds a lot better and more affordable for the common pocket. On the other hand, what exactly would you be downloading with that bandwidth that you can’t buy with $200?

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